About us

Dogsrecue.net is a team of dedicated volunteers with a vast experience in dog rescue, saving them from death at over-crowded shelters, rescuing dogs that are suffering on the streets, and eventually find them loving and happy homes.


This is a non-profit dog rescue organization, with bases all over the world.


Dogsrescue.net was established in 2007 and is now in its 9th year of operation. Throughout our existence, Dogsrescue.net has saved the lives of thousands of dogs over the years.


Our goal is to be an instrument to educate people about the importance of animals especially dogs in our society and to stop animal abuse in the sense that people say "The dog is man's best friend".


We believe that every dog deserves to have a good home no matter how old they are. The dogs we advertise on our website are in the optimal health conditions and waiting to the eager family to adopt them.


At Dogsrescue.net we are passionate about using technology to provide innovative ways of adopting a dog through our official website http://www.rescuedogs,net. We have also incorporated the use of popular social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and Instagram to help spread the word further about what we offer.


We work towards saving dogs lives and finding them good homes. In effect we also work towards giving people the fulfillment of being a happy dog owner.


And we don’t stop there. You can always reach us through the various contact options we provide on our site so you can report any instance of dogs in distress or if you simply want to give us some good news about the puppy that’s found it’s way into your happy home.


Adopting a dog means welcoming a new family member into your home, potentially saving life. Join us and let’s go save some precious lives!