Simmiliar to Retriever (Labrador)

Simmiliar to Retriever (Labrador)

Labrador Retrievers are the top dogs to have for people seeking an animal companion. Not only are these dogs extra smart they’re also very amiable and love to be around people.

Labrador Retrievers love to work and they will do anything to please their masters. It is such a shame that a lot of these loveable dogs end up in rescue centres.

Labradors and Labrador mixes are quite abundant and they are often passed over because of their size. If only people knew just how great it would be, to have a Labrador or a mix in their lives.

If you do decide to get one, make sure you’re prepared to give him a lot of tasks to avoid boredom because Labs love to do something that pleases you! And at the end of the day, all they want to do is curl up right beside you which should paint a picture of what a perfect day is for most dog lovers.

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